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Our "Kalinka" is truly international kennel, registered in FCI and Canadian Kennel Club. We work in three countries - Canada, Kazakhstan (former USSR republic), and Israel, we maintain close connections with Russia and US. Despite of the ocean dividing us, our mutual efforts are directed toward one target: an improvement in the quality of dogs and the harmonious development of the breed. International status of the kennel makes it possible for us to accomplish the wide exchange of the bloodlines at the summit level. In our breeding program we use the best and, from our point of view, the most interesting producers and not only from the central Russia but also from the regions. Thus we support genetic diversity without losing the overall quality of the breeding stock.

Rita and her brother Yuri Golsky, a longtime students of canine world, were raised in a family of dog lovers. Their grandfather was old time Russian hunter and owned a big kennel of sporting dogs.

Yuri got his first purebred dog when he was 13 years old. It was German Shepherd. He trained this dog and donated it to the Soviet Army. His next dogs were Doberman and German Shepherd. In 1979 Yuri was conscripted to the Soviet Army, where he got profession of dog trainer. Working with BRTs during his service with the USSR Army, Yuri decided that was the breed for him.

And soon after return home he got his first BRT named Cheddi. Cheddi became one of the first BRTs who got Championship title in Kazakhstan and won many obedience/protection competitions. .

In 1994 Yuri became working group judge. Now Yuri is a chief of security and is working for private airline. Hi is also owner of the K-9 Training Centre "Canis - Profi".

It has available the wonderfully equipped training site.

Yulia Golskaya - the wife, colleague and assistant in Yuri's "dog business". Jurist for the formation she always loved the dogs. Yulia got her first dog in 1993. It was gorgeous Pekinees. In 1994 Yulia became working group judge.

Rita Golsrkaya started to work in local kennel club and in 1979 became working group judge. Since 1991 she worked as a cinologist (dog-breeding scientist) in Breeding Center in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Together with her brother Yuri they kept many different working dogs: German Shepherds, Dobermans, Collies, Rottweilers, Giant Schnauzers and Russian native breeds Middle Asian, Southern Russian Ovcharkas and Moscow Watch dog. Rita always has an "eye" for a good puppy. In 1995 there were over 400 BRTs in Alma-Ata and five Breed Champions, three of them were belong to Rita and Yuri Golsky. In 1995 Rita immigrated to Canada.

Three beautiful dogs - part of their collective kennel, Rita brought to Canada, and they became progenitors of the Canadian bred Blackies. The kennel prefix of "Kalinka" reflects Rita's national heritage and is in fact a name of popular native Russian song.


Alla Danilov - veterinary assistant. Dogs always were welcome in her home. She used to own Russian Hunting spaniel, Airedale terrier and Boxer, but BRT is a love from the first sight. She used to live in Canada for about seven years and became Rita's associate and close friend. In 2002 Alla came back to Israel. However she continues to be a member of Kalinka's family and active BRT fancier    

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