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Kalinka's Black Russian Terriers

Our breeding stock was originally bred from the best bloodlines of Moscow and Ural, which tracing back to the beginnings of the breed. We keep the best bitches and breed to the most suitable studs to create a genetic pool of the structural qualities that the BRT standard demands. Pronounced breed type, desirable profuse harsh coat, impressive large heads, powerful build, good stature and working temperament were achieved and fixed in Kalinka's BRTs through the concentration of bloodlines through line breeding and inbreeding. Now we work with the old and well proven bloodlines of Siberian region. Through intensive bloodline exchange we preserve diversity of BRTs gene pool and at the same time keep high quality of our original breeding stock.

Our foundation male - Gvidon is descendant of very old and strong bloodlines. He has proven to be prepotent in passing along essential characteristics of his breed. Gvidon not only sired excellent offspring but enabled us to line-breed and concentrate his blood for succeeding generations to the great benefit of Kalinka's bloodline.

Our foundation female - Ch.Loristin Nikolina Valston is not only very beautiful bitch, but she has three outstanding dogs in her pedigree: O'Bim, who gave very strong and stable bloodline; Lin Sharman not only incorporated the essence of his breed but was astoundingly prepontent in passing along that unique qualities for generations to come, his offspring bore an unmistakable similarity in their exquisite head properties and overall balance and type; Winner of the First National Specialty Marsel who gave very large and compact dogs.

Ch.Vim Golden Demon Mlada - another our foundation bitch and true beauty has two great dogs of the past in her pedigree: World Champion Yer Kay Anchar and famous Le Vim Lekar who proven to be the most influential sire of all times.                                                                                                 






















All working dogs in former USSR were required to fulfill the Kennel Club requirements in order to be breed. The dog was considered breedable only after rated Excellent or Very Good at a Show. It supposed to be a no-fault dog for Excellent rating; a very few faults made it Very Good. For example, 1 missing tooth was a reason for disqualification.

The dog had to pass an obedience /OKD/ and after 18 month protection /ZKS/ examination in order to validate the Show rating. The highest rate is "1", for a score over 90 out of 100, than "2"- 80 to 90; "3"- 60 to 80. Also temperament test /T/ rate 1 for perfect response and 2 for slight uncertainty in reactions.

The first was OKD. It included Heel, Sit, Stay, Down, Come, Return, Fetch,- OFF leash, verbal OR signal by examination's choice /not verbal & signal/ at 30 ft distance /or more/; No- refuse to accept food from strangers; Muzzle On; No reaction on shooting; Agility - 1 m fence with no touch; vertical bridge app. 20 f long 10 " wide; 6 ' wood wall. Scoring under 50 % at any command dismisses the dog. OKD passed dog is allowed to advanced training.

ZKS is an advanced protection. Includes : Pick an object by scent /a person by a thing or opposite/; Property Search; Catch & Release; Patrolling, on Stay & on Move, including the Handler Protection; Property protection; No reaction on shooting.

PC (RS) is an advanced ZKS + Tracking; Advanced Search.

KC /KS/ is the most common seen training in Russian Native's pedigrees. The dog does not have to pass OKD with a scoring result, but must have a basic knowledge. At the test the dog is left alone at a tie-out. The dog must bark at agitators passing within 40 m from the tie-out /loudness and continuation is evaluated/, attack as soon as she can reach /aggressiveness and hardness evaluated/; reject the food; no reaction at shooting.

"Elite" class is Russian equivalent to Sire of Merit or Dam of Merit titles.








































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